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About Me

Maaria Kader is best known for her detailed scratchboard pieces, each created with tens of thousands of fine and minuscule scratches made with sharp blades and other tools. Maaria is a predominantly self-taught scratchboard artist and works from her home studio in Laguna Niguel. Maaria was first introduced to scratchboard as a teenager and she re-discovered her passion for scratchboard after being accepted into ISSA (International Society of Scratchboard Artists). She now holds the status of a Signature member, which required her work to be juried by Master members. ISSA is an organization dedicated to the promotion and professional development of artists with an interest in the excellence of scratchboard art. They also seek to educate and promote this fine art medium to the public, art communities and artists alike. 


Maaria was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. She moved to Laguna Niguel, California in 1988, where she has resided for thirty years. Though not formally trained, Maaria took art classes at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa and Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, while raising her three children. 


Maaria teaches scratchboard workshops at Artime Studio in Mission Viejo, California. In addition to scratchboard, Maaria is an accomplished street chalk artist who travels the country showcasing her work. 


When she is not creating, Maaria enjoys hiking and spending time with her family and her cat, Sherlock.


About Scratchboard

Scratchboard is a 2-dimensional subtractive art form. The scratchboard is 1/8th of an inch in thickness, made of a masonite base covered in smooth absorbent white kaolin clay and coated with black India ink.  An assortment of sharp and abrasive tools such as blades, scalpels, fine steel wool, tattoo needles, etc., are used to scratch away the black ink, revealing the white surface below. Highly detailed textures can be achieved precisely and evenly. Colored scratchboard inks and other mediums can be added to the white areas and then re-scratched to create additional highlights and volume for added dimension. Clayboard is an un-inked surface with a hardboard support on which color can be thinly applied and then scratched. 

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